Tech Keynotes

Esri UC is where you learn what's new and what is now possible with GIS—straight from the technology leaders.

We are happy to announce the following three tech keynotes for this year's event.

Spatial Problem Solving

How to be Analytically Awesome: The Next Wave in Spatial Problem Solving

Discover best practices for performing spatial analysis and problem solving. Gain a practical approach and a set of methods that you can use to bring analysis to life in your everyday GIS work.

Presented by Clint Brown, Linda Beale, Lauren Bennett.

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ArcGIS Platform

Vision for the ArcGIS Platform

Hear Esri's current and future vision for the ArcGIS platform. See demos of major updates in ArcGIS 10.3 including the integration of forward-looking functional features currently in research and development.

Presented by Sud Menon and Development Team.

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Lighthouse Technology Implementations

Lighthouse Technology Implementations

See exemplary applications of GIS that use the latest and greatest implementations patterns. You will come away with new insight into how Esri users are building and deploying world-class GIS solutions.

Presented by Brian Cross and team.

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