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Justify Your Trip

Esri User Conference (Esri UC) has the training and networking you need. But you have to be there to take advantage of it. To help get you to the conference, we've written a proposal letter you can customize to justify your trip.

Download this proposal letter →

The Esri UC has a proven track record. Below you will find tips to justify your trip along with testimonials from past attendees.

The Esri UC is one of the most effective ways to

  • Learn real applications of GIS.
  • Test new products, improve technical development skills, and gain new mapping techniques.
  • Discuss new Esri features, expand your network, and receive invaluable ideas to energize your GIS operations.

95 percent of surveyed attendees were able to expand their knowledge:

  • "Great opportunity both professionally and personally. Provides a venue to learn, connect, ask questions and get answers, think both at the scale you work and beyond, and enjoy time with colleagues in a positive energy space."—Mimi Diorio, GIS Specialist/PGIS Coordinator, NOAA OCRM/CSC
  • "For GIS users, it is a very good opportunity to learn and broaden your knowledge."—Harold Miller, GIS Manager, Echologics
  • "Do it, do it, do it! It is an awesome experience. I learned so much!"—Lauren Wilson, GIS Analyst/Program Coordinator, Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Rural Health

85 percent of attendees found beneficial networking opportunities:

  • "It's a good networking and problem-solving event."—Betty Etheredge, GIS Technician II, Richland County Government
  • "It is by far the best way to network with others and Esri staff and get the inside tips and tricks of the ever-evolving technology."—Carrie Tropasso, GIS Technical Lead, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
  • "Fantastic coverage of the GIS world, and great networking!"—Philip Loheed, President, Earthos Institute

96 percent of attendees found the conference valuable:

  • "Invaluable experience to learn about Esri and the GIS industry."—Chinmaya Lewis, GIS Analyst, City of Santa Rosa Utilities
  • "Very valuable content provided, and it's almost an imperative for entities that are using GIS as well as those not currently using it to solve real world problems."—Richard Gibbs, Director, Information and Communications Technology, NMIA Airports Limited
  • "This event is the single most valuable thing for GIS leaders to learn new technical information, meet the people in your industry you need to get your job done, and hone the vision and direction of GIS in your organization."—Steve Lavey, Systems Analyst, City of Torrance
  • "You will gain valuable experience at the conference that will make you better at your job, which is impossible to get from any other source."—David Drury, GIS Director, Mosaic Sales Solutions

Share what you are learning at the UC

  • Let your boss know that you'll share your newly acquired knowledge with the rest of the team.
  • Plan a presentation for a working lunch after your return.
  • Write a report about the conference, along with an action plan based on what you learned.
  • Gather information from the exhibits and displays and bring it back for your colleagues to review.
  • Create an experts network with a database of the business cards you bring back and share with your team.