App Lets Cyclists Relive Adventures on Esri World Imagery Maps

20 april 2017

Imagine reliving your latest cycling adventure or sharing a virtual tour of your ride. Three friends in the Netherlands wanted to do just that, so they founded the startup Relive. This fast-growing Dutch company now has more than 350,000 users and relies on Esri’s Living Atlas of the World for its high-quality global maps.  

“We were cycling in Tenerife, and figured it would be amazing if there was an app to capture our cycling holiday in a movie,” said Yousef El-Dardiry, Relive  developer.

When they couldn’t find an app that did what they envisioned, the three friends created one. The Relive app combines the data from each cyclist with Esri digital maps and makes a short animation video showing highlights of the ride.

During the development phase, El-Dardiry searched for digital map technology to visualize the adventures. He found Esri’s World Imagery maps that are part of the Living Atlas of the World.

Available through ArcGIS Online, the Living Atlas of the World is the foremost collection of global geographic information. It is curated by Esri with contributions from its partner and user communities, and contains maps, data layers, tools, services, and apps. The Living Atlas also features weather, traffic, elevation, demographics, oceans, urban systems, and imagery.

“We want to give everyone the opportunity to create a beautiful video of their adventures so it was important to find a high-quality map with global coverage,” he said. “Esri’s Living Atlas of the World was the best solution. And the involvement of Esri is great. They understand the unique needs and challenges of our startup and are always thinking of how they can help us.”

Relive is already a success, with more than 100,000 new videos being made each day. The team has seen videos created around the world, from South Korea to Brazil. This means a substantial number of hits to the Esri’s World Imagery map. Because Esri’s digital maps are scalable, the Relive founders feel confident that their company can continue to grow.

“Every adventure starts with a map,” El-Dardiry said. “We want to provide people with the opportunity to relive their adventures, whether they’re cycling, hiking, running, skiing, or going on a road trip. It’s great to see our idea spread globally … and it’s just the beginning of our adventure.”

Watch the video or make your own at Relive. Download the app for Android or iPhone.

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