Tap into the power of people!

Community engagement means that you can communicate directly with citizens, customers, and staff. Even better, they can communicate with you—reporting problems, locating services, and supporting local initiatives. Crowdsourcing is now easy. ArcGIS lets you work both online and offline. So you can go offline to collect data, then get back online to send your new maps.

Create Apps for any Device (no coding required)

We use maps (and smartphones) every day. So, your customers and staff already have the tools they need to capture photos, locations, and other details. ArcGIS includes ready-to-use web and mobile app templates you can configure with your branding. Create and deploy apps that work on any device in just minutes.

Reveal Your Data Story

How will you make sense of all this new data? ArcGIS puts spatial analytics at your command. In just a few clicks, you can aggregate data on a map to identify hot spots of activity, do drive-time analyses, and plan routes for field crews.

Pass It on

Show people that their contributions count. ArcGIS provides dashboards and story maps so everyone can watch a project take shape and see it in context of the community. Governments can demonstrate transparency and accountability. Businesses can integrate maps with work order and dispatch systems for scheduling service calls, monitoring progress, and reporting to management.